Sandals Roundup 2017

Olukai Holona

Hey everyone, summer is finally here in earnest in New York.  The weather is getting hot and sticky, which means its time to get out the open toes.  Whether you’re going to the beach or just walking the dog around the block, everyone needs a good pair of flip flops or strappy sandals for the warm weather.  Hell, there are probably a lot of you out there who wear these all year round (#jealous).  So whatever it is you’re getting into, you should be able to find a nice pair of vegan sandals to suite your needs.  Check out our picks below (all available at Zappos)!

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Etnies Jameson HT

Hey all, sorry to be out of the loop for a while there.  It’s been a minute, but we wanted to come back with a nice find.  Anyone who’s been on this site knows skateboarding has a special place in our hearts.  So when a few weeks back Etnies announced that they released a vegan Jameson in high top, we were pretty excited.

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House of Future

Today we got House of Future, a new label putting out some very clean looking sneakers.   They currently have two models, a hi top and low top.  Both combine minimal silhouettes and vegan materials.  The uppers are made of micro-suede and micro-leather, which offer a premium look while being easy to maintain.  According to the Creative Director, they didn’t set out to be a vegan brand, but the materials were chosen for their aesthetic and performance abilities.  All gravy to us!

Available at House of Future.

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Charlie Butler


Hey everyone, today we are excited to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for Charlie Butler, an Australian (re-brand) that makes cruelty-free, hand made, comfortable work shoes.

Charlie Butler is trying to solve a problem that bothers people all over the world – where can I get shoes I can wear to work that are look good in the office and don’t kill your feet?  This question is especially pressing nowadays, when there is such a thin line between what is professional and casual.  There are different ways you can approach this, such as making a sneaker like the Wills Sneaker Boot.   Or you can go with more of a boot look such as Charlie Butler.  While the uppers look and feel like your traditional wingtip or oxford, the shape and sole of it distinctly feel crafted like an actual work boot.  The roomy, boxy toe and the sole is thick rubber with large grooves.  Comfortable and long lasting, but not exactly the low profile that is customary with dress shoes.

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The People’s Movement Cardiff

the-peoples-movement-cardiff-black-1 the-peoples-movement-cardiff-grey-1

Hey everyone, sorry for the very lengthy hiatus.  I know we haven’t been regularly posting for over a month, and we apologize.  Right now there is a lot happening in our personal lives, in a good way, so it hasn’t been easy to keep up.  Unfortunately this will probably continue for the foreseeable future.  We’ll try to update as regularly as possible, so try to be patient!

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Native Shoes Monaco

Native Shoes Monaco Mid Tan
Monaco Mid Rocky Brown
Native Shoes Monaco Low Black
Monaco Low Jiffy Black

A lot of are familiar with Native Shoes, but it looks like they are entering the arena of more traditional sneakers with the Monaco.  Unlike the other crocs like slippers that they started off with, they are slowly evolving from slip on chukkas to full lace ups.  These fully animal friendly shoes feature a perforated textured microfiber upper, no-sew accents on heel and eyelets, and single piece EVA cup outsole.

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Matt & Nat Sneaker Roundup

Bonaventure White
Bonaventure White
Peel White
Peel White

Many of you know Matt & Nat as a maker of excellent vegan bags, but whoa, we didn’t know they were in the shoe game!  These choice kicks dropped earlier this spring, and sorry for being late on this but we had to post about them as soon as we found out.  Currently, they only have two models, and they stick pretty closely to the Matt & Nat aesthetic – minimalist design, high quality PU materials.  They also feature a chunky high 1″ sole.  Unfortunately the low top looks like it’s sold out, but hopefully they’ll be available soon!

The Bonaventure and Peel available at Matt & Natt.  Peel available at Moo Shoes.

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Maians Footwear

With summer officially upon us, it is a great time to take a look at some stylish summer offerings from Maians Footwear. Maians offers shoes in many different silhouettes, all of which are 100% handmade in Spain. Many of their styles feature dominantly cotton uppers with natural vulcanized rubber soles, making them very lightweight and comfortable.  As a bonus, Maians provides 20% off your first purchase if you sign up for their mailing list!


Maians is not a 100% vegan company, as some shoes contain leather, but they just recently started identifying their vegan styles on their website with this symbol:vegan-icon_grande

In addition to their new vegan symbol, you can now shop their entire vegan collection in one place!

Read on to see  photos of some of VK’s favorites!

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